Welcome to Soundchef Studios. A premiere boutique post sound studio located In the heart of Hollywood at the legendary Television Center Lot. We have been providing exceptional, quality work in a gorgeous, state of the art facility for over ten years. With a roster of talented mixers, sound designers, supervising sound editors, composers, VO talent and producers that make it their goal to bring you nothing but the best, you know you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is a full surround 5.1 mix, music scoring for your feature film, VO recording for your animation, ADR, sound design or casting, let us provide the ultimate sound post production experience.

Gabriel Verger – CEO Gabriel has designed Soundchef Studios to create an environment his life passions for sound and music. With over twenty years in live sound and studio recording, his credits include work for film, television, and radio and commercials. Exposure to the arts, music and home made pasta from an early age became the motivation for his innovative thinking, attention to detail and resolve to make every job a master piece.

Monique Carmona -VP of Production Monique works closely with talent, clients, directors and engineers lending her skill sets to whatever project needs they have: Project coordinating, co writing, supervising and acting as liaison between client, engineer and talent making sure all bases are covered. With access to LA’s finest VO actors, Monique handles breakdowns, casting, scheduling and the entire audition process. She’s here to help. She enjoys the process, working with a diverse talent pool of experiences artists she aims to have all your needs met, no matter what the project. When it comes to our roster of talented engineers and composers, they are exceptional, diverse and efficient. Focused on quality not quantity, each team member at Soundchef understands the complexities that go into producing flawless post sound. With years of experience, ears like bats and excellent turn around time we look forward to making your time worth while and your project successful.